Winter 2012 - NJ Deer & Rabbit

Includes Reynolds GA Hog and Bear

One Shot

Kevin's 150 lb Sow
-- Oct 30th, Tripod Stand, Bang Flop


Which one went to market
Four little piggies that didn't go 'whee' all the way home
Put it on a Ritz Cracker
Bear at the Sandbar
Myth Busted - guess there really are bear in Taylor County GA


Bear at the Sandbar?
Or perhaps a hog wearing a bear costume for halloween?

We lost another great rabbit hunter this year
Bingo died at home in August with family at her side

Opening Day - NJ Duck Season
Gary Maiese & John each get a wood duck


Low Country Quail Hunt with Gary Shivers
December 2, 2012 -- Lodge SC

South Jersey cold February 2013 rabbit hunt
Navy 3, Army 0