December 2011-May 2012

Southern NJ Deer, Goose, and Rabbit Hunting

Ran like a Deere!
Ben (my old cell mate from USS Normandy)
Shoots 1st Buck of the Season (in NY)
Sako 300 Win Mag - 130 Yards - Bang Flop


Kyle's NJ Youth Day Buck - Carney's Point, NJ
Congratulations Kyle!
Spotting by Matt Fisler; Photo by "Pop Pop" Jim Fisler

Florida Weather
Gary Shivers on a South Jersey Rabbit Hunt
(December 26, 2011 - 45 Degrees)
No Beer?
Casting 00 and #4 Buckshot
Also known as a South Jersey Testosterone Party
Nice .410 Pump

Jim Monahan - Rabbit Hunter Extraordinaire
<< No Snow, either >>

Two Dogs

Nothing like a B&B on a cold Saturday Morning
--Bailey (L) & Bingo (R) hot on the trail of silly wabbit--

Flint floodplain mud

Gary on a forced march - GA Hog Hunt
< May 1, 2012 >

Fun 'nuf to tax in NJ
Wood fired Lead Smelter
--The South Jersey Testosterone Party Continues --
Cannon Power
Memorial Day 2012
Remember those who gave their lives for our freedom