December 2010-February 2011

Southern NJ Deer, Goose, and Rabbit Hunting

Ran like a Deere!
Ben (my old cell mate from USS Normandy)
Comes to NJ for Shotgun Season
Ben, Which Deer doesn't run?


Left Wall: out-of-state bucks
Right Wall: Southern NJ bucks
-- Photograph by Gary Maiese --

Right Wall Close-up: Southern NJ bucks
-- Photograph by Gary Maiese --
Not so wiley coyote
Cross-eyed Coyote and the ground hog it caught

Coon sleeping in a tree hole
-- Photograph by Gary Maiese --

Nice Browning .410 Pump

Gary, Jim, John, Kyle (back row)
Bingo & Bailey DeGeorge (front row)
-- Photograph by Jim Fisler--

Tired Rabbit Hunters

End of a long, cold day of rabbit hunting
-- Photograph by Jim Fisler --

Nice .410 Stevens Double
Jim, Jim, Gary, Kyle, John
-- Photograph by Jim Fisler's Camera--
90lb Doe
Kyle & Jim (background)
Dinner (foreground)
Kyle's hand warmer
-- Photograph by the great Jim Fisler --