Ground Hog & Coyote Hunting

Home Made Electronic Caller
MP3 Player, Audio Amp, 8 Ohm Horn Speaker


Download Free MP3 Sounds from the Internet
Check out:

Download my 31 minute Distressed Rabbit sequence: rabbit-only-sequence *
Download my 33 minute Distressed Rabbit & Coyote Howl sequence: rabbit-coyote *
* Right Click on link and select "Save Target As" and save to your computer


$46.33 plus some shipping for the stuff ordered on the Internet
The horn is white... I painted mine flat black and added some break-up lines

420 Yards to far woods
1 Mil Compensation

Remington 700 SPS, 22-250, Nikon 6-18 x 40 AO
Ground Hog Ready


Shooting Bench

Bye Bye Whistle Pig
22-250: Nosler 50 grain Ballistic Tip, 35 Grains Varget
Exit hole on 1 1/2" Thick Staples Catalog, 3,100 FPS @ 100 yds