2001 Hunting Season
2001/2002 Deer and Rabbit Season is over...  it was another good year spent with great friends.   Both Ashley and my nephew Jess got their 1st rabbits.  Congrats!
A little older,  a little wiser, but not better shots! Who didn't shoot?
The Marlin Farm Gang:  muzzle loader season... 5 Hunters, 8 shots fired, 1 deer killed
Good Shooting Ron (photo by the famous Gary Maiese)
  Bingo,age 3;  Kyle,age  4;  Ashley,age 11
Admiral Monahan,
Double Oaks Gun Club, 
December 2001
Back row:  Jim, Gary, Ashley, Dale
Front row: Kyle, Matt, Bingo, John,  Jim
February 2002  
Are them skivies Navy issue?